Our Philosophy

Leading technology revolutionary can determine who will hold the competitive advantage today and tomorrow. Germanjet has been in the position to be the trendsetter for sensing revolution. Recognizing promising ideas and identify new approach to challenge has always been one of the most significant elements in our technology planning. To accomplish all this, we closely align our R&D activities toward our business strategy.

Our Team

Our team is young, dynamic, and committed. Their excellent qualifications allow them to provide exceptional support to customers all around the world. Open and devoted cooperation results in an extraordinarily high degree of identification with the company. As with our customers, we foster long-term partnerships with our employees. This ensures that Germanjet is a reliable employer. 

In order to act proactively to our customers' technological needs, Germanjet Advance Sensing and Control Technology (ASCT) group was formed to specialize in designing intelligent product and solution. No matter how diverse and difficult the requirement is, our goal is to provide the highest possible performance with the most optimum service and price.

Our Solutions

Companies specializing in plastic and rubber, equipment manufacturing, food and beverages, metal and woodworking, and automotive rely on Germanjet know-how. Our complete sensing solutions help customers from all industries achieve a decisive competitive edge.Orientation towards applications in all areas of machine automation and process control technology builds the foundation that makes us a strong partner. We offer our customers a complete sensing solution from one source: No unnecessary interfaces, maximum flexibility and the highest level of profitability.

Success Stories

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Magnetostrictive Technology

The fundamental principle of the Germanjet position transducer is by analyzing the feedback sonic wave induced by an interaction of two magnetic fields. The first magnetic field is produced by the moveable magnetic cursor which attached at the moving component of a machine. The second field is generated by the pulse initiator. Learn more...

Electromagnetic Compatibility

is the branch of electrical engineering concerned with the unintentional generation, propagation and reception of electromagnetic energy which may cause unwanted effects such as electromagnetic interference EMI) or even physical damage in operational equipment. Learn more...